Avg. block reward5.00 %
Reward % PoW87.00 %
Reward % MNs8.00 %
Reward % Dev Fund5.00 %
AlgoHashrateDifficultyLast block rewardLast block indexBlocks hourlyRewards hourlyBlocks dailyRewards daily
Blocks Last Hour
Blocks Last 24 Hours
Blocks Last Week
Sha256d Hasrate 24h
Sha256d Difficulty 24h
Scrypt Hasrate 24h
Scrypt Difficulty 24h
Lyra2z Hasrate 24h
Lyra2z Difficulty 24h
X11 Hasrate 24h
X11 Difficulty 24h
X16r Hasrate 24h
X16r Difficulty 24h
Nist5 Hasrate 24h
Nist5 Difficulty 24h
Halving Epochs
NameMax RewardStarts halvedStart BlockEnd BlockLength BlocksStart SupplyEnd SupplySup. this epochSup. since halvingSup. target reached
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A halving epoch is the time between the start and end of block subsidy halving interval, where maximum block reward is the same for all the blocks within the epoch. If not enough coins are mined during the epoch, the halving will not occur and the current epoch will repeat again (with the same interval and maximum block reward).
Another Veles-specific nature of our halving schedule is that when the halving eventually occurs, the halving interval, which is the minimal interval between halvings, increases twofold.
Max RewardMaximum possible number of new coins mined within a single block, the sum of PoW, Masternode and Dev fund reward.
Starts halvedIf 'yes', the amount of block reward has been halved at the start of current epoch
Start BlockHeight of fist block in the halving epoch
End BlockHeight of last block of the epoch
Length BlocksLength of this epoch in blocks, the halving interval at the time
Start SupplyTotal number of coins in circulation before fist block of the epoch
End SupplyTotal number of coins in circulation at the last block of the epoch
Supplythis epochActual number of coins that were released to the circulation during the epoch
Supplysince halvingActual number of coins that were released to the circulation since the last halving
Supplytarget reachedRatio between the target supply (the supply reached on the optimal hashrate if maximal rewards would be awarded for every block) and between the Supply since halving in percents